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Hey there! I'm Sarah. A recent college graduate working and living in the great city of Austin, Texas. Join me on my future travels, memories from past adventures, and guides to the cities I love.


  • took a little detour on my road trip from the san jose airport to pebble far it’s been a 👍 work trip
  • twenty nine has never looked so fine! HBD @matthewjoe7!! 🎂🍻
  • could stare at these wildflowers all day honestly 🌼😍🌾
  • So I've been doing something for over a year that I never really talk about, but I've been working pretty hard at it and think it's pretty I thought I would finally share it. I started a travel blog as a place to be creative outside of my actual job, so if y'all are interested in seeing more cool pictures like this one or reading fly fishing guides/travel stories in can check out the 🔗 in my bio. I do have to say though, it looks better on a desktop 🤓
This picture was taken a few years ago in the village of Maji-Ya-Chi in Tanzania, Africa 🇹🇿
  • Praise God for this beautiful sunset over Houston tonight! The skies have partially cleared and Houston finally has a break from this hurricane. I am so thankful that my family and friends are all safe. Love this city and the people in it so much!! Y'all have been in my thoughts and prayers constantly for the past five days ❤️| 📸cred: @kenwpage #hoUStonstrong
  • back in atx and already dreaming of this little valley town 😟
  • one last fishing adventure before heading back to reality
  • celebrating my quarter century birthday and national left handed day w/ my right hand man 👋💕
  • netfish & chill 🎣🤙

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