About Me

Hello, everyone!

I’m Sarah. A recent college graduate, beginning a career in the stressful (but wonderful) world of marketing, and looking for various ways to escape the mundane. Whether it’s reminiscing on old adventures, or daydreaming about new ones, join me as I attempt to get lost in my head space.

I have blogged, for others and sometimes for myself, but never avidly and fervently. I have traveled with National Geographic Photography to Africa, New Zealand and Fiji. Some things that fuel me: being free, speaking my voice to others who are willing to listen, and having compassion and drive for the unknown.

I hope my scattered ramblings teach you a little something, because I know I learn a whole lot about the world and myself while engulfed in my thoughts. So join me as I recap memories from past adventures, guides to new ones, and everything far and wide in-between.

“Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Go climb that mountain.” Jack Kerouac

Live your life however you please, but make sure the outcome is pure happiness.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure!